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Waste Medicines Waste Money

Did you know wasted medicines cost the NHS over £5,000,000 in South Staffordshire last year?

£5,000,000 is Eqivalent to:

  • 800 more hip replacements or;
  • 560 more heart by-pass operations or;
  • 5,600 more cataract operations or;
  • 120 more community nurses or;
  • 720 more knee replacements.

How you can help:

  • Check what medicines you have at home before reordering.
  • On your repeat prescription only tick those items you really need.
  • If you don't need a medicine now, don't order it this time. It will still appear on your next repeat prescription.
  • If you feel you don't need a medicine anymore, tell your doctor.
  • Remember, dispensed medicines cannot be reused by other patients if you return them.