Surgery Opening Hours & Availability

Additional Weekend Access

Urgent Medical Problems when we are Closed

If you have an urgent medical problem during this time and you need to speak to a Doctor please call 01785 813538. Further information can be found on your Urgent problems page.

Practice Team Training

The Practice will close on the following afternoons from 1.00 pm during
2017 / 18

Thur 6th April 2017
Thur 4th May
Thur 8th June
Thur 6th July
Thur 3rd August
Thur 7th September
Thur 5th October
Thur 2nd November
Thur 7th December
Thur 4th Jan 2018
Thur 1st Feb 2018
Thur 1st Mar 2018

This will enable and GPs and staff to attend centrally arranged sessions at the Postgraduate Medical Centre and "In-house" development sessions.

All emergency calls will be dealt with by our Out of Hours Provider

Emergency Telephone Number 01785 813538