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A response rate for the 2013/14 survey of just over 74% reflects an excellent result and a vast improvement on the previous 2 years (26% & 68% respectively). The survey will be run again, based upon the comments received from our Patient Forum and representatives from Barlaston Parish Council.   

The Practice also welcomed any other suggestions that could be included in future questionnaires to help the practice improve services.

The results of the Patient Satisfaction Survey were posted to the practice’s website and Patient Forum site and were available as a hardcopy.  A display on the notice board at Cumberland House will also be available during the month of April/ May 2014.
An Action Plan for 2014/15 has been posted on the Patient Forum site.  On the whole the results were reflective of an improved satisfaction survey with an excellent response rate. Key areas showing an improvement include;-   
Q1 – availability of routine appointments with any doctor – the % rate of respondents answering poor fell from 14.23 % to 8.92% (2012/13 – 2013/14)

Q 2 – availability of routine appointments with doctor of choice – the % rate of respondents answering poor fell from 18.15 % to 14.32% (2012/13 – 2013/14)

Q 4 - ability to get through to the receptionist on the telephone – the % rare of respondents answering poor fell from 12.46 % to 11.89 % (2012/13 – 2013/14

In relation to Q9 – handling of repeat prescriptions – the % rate of respondents answering;-
Q9                  2012/13       2013/14
Poor                 2.85%          0.27%
Satisfactory   12.10%       10%
Good               29.89%       32.43%
Very Good      46.26%       42.70%
The introduction of online repeat prescription ordering was discussed and seen as a positive move to give patients choice and flexibility and may be a contributing factor for the positive responses to Q9.

Areas to be addressed for 2014/15 following a meeting with representatives from our Patient Participation Group / Barlaston Parish Council (17.2.14)  have been identified in the 7 point action plan provided below;-   

1.   The practice would continue to undertake an internal audit of appointment availability.   As in previous years the role of the health care assistant will also be taken into consideration and feasibility of increasing nurse led clinics for some of the disease categories.

2.   The practice will continue to audit the number of DNAs and provide the results at each site – Main & Branch on the waiting room notice board on a monthly basis.

3.   Organise a mid year review meeting to look at data from the internal audit and keep the forum site up-to-date following the meeting.

4.  Repeat the survey using the same format towards the end of the year with the aim to continue to capture a wider audience and enlist the help of the Parish Council via publishing the questionnaire via their website.

5. Explore other methods of online services offered by – Patient UK (third party partner EMIS Web) to compliment services already offered by the practice i.e., repeat prescription ordering / online appointments / text messaging reminders.

6.  Organise a follow up meeting following the publication of the results.  

7.  Continue to use virtual group and this group as a valuable means of gaining feedback

Thank you to all patients who took part in the Patient Survey your contributions were greatly appreciated and will help improve the services of the practice.